It sounds crazy right? You clicked on this article because the title caught your attention! Goals in your pocket? You might have even clicked on the article because you thought I would be telling you how to miraculously execute your goals from your pocket — the quick fix we are all so desperately searching for.

Nothing is quick about your journey of life and becoming the best version of yourself. Hence the word journey.

I have been on this journey of leveling up. Putting into action what I know makes me better and stopping the damn excuses that make me waste another day of living out life to my fullest potential. I’m not going to lie to you all… it’s hard, but I love it. Just because you want to give up sometimes, doesn’t mean you’re not passionate about your goals. It’s just easier for us to hit the “easy-comfort” button and bail when things get hard. Trust me, I have these thoughts almost every morning when my alarm goes, signaling the start of my pre-scheduled morning routine! (That’s for a blog post down the line.) 

So, how can you put your goal in your pocket? Let me explain.

I am putting in the work with January Donavon (Woman’s School) and one of the first processes is to set routines that make you productive and carry less anxiety, while writing down your goal. Sounds simple! Too simple. Remember me saying above I am putting into ACTION what I KNOW! One of January Donavon’s action suggestions is writing your goal on an index card and placing it in your back pocket to carry with you. I have taken that a couple of steps further…

Instead of carrying the same card with me each day, I re-write my goal every night. I think there is something magical about writing it down — almost like a mission statement for yourself. I also add a second index card to my pocket. This one details four things that I would like to accomplish the next day. 

I also set an alarm on my phone to go off every day at 11 a.m. The alarm is programmed to play Beyoncé’s “Who Runs World?” and I have set the label on the alarm to read, “What’s your goal?” Man, this move is powerful and FUN! When my phone goes off with that song, people look at me weird. Probably because I can’t help throwing in a few badass woman dance moves with that song. But the alarm reminds me of my goal and gives me the opportunity to verbalize my goal to whoever is around me.

Anyone that knows me will agree that I am a little much, so it’s no surprise that I added my own flair to this pocket idea! But what does all this do for me? It’s making me check myself each day and each night. Am I making choices that lead me closer to my goal?  Am I living a life that pushes me along the journey to level up so that I can achieve my goal?  Yes, of course I know what my goal is, but something magically happens when you take action and put it in your pocket. You are carrying it along with you on your journey.

I challenge you to wear your goal around with you too. Go ahead, I am waiting. Grab an index card and get to goal setting. You will thank me later.

Did you know I had podcast? The intention of the podcast is to share “pieces of me” in the hopes it impacts others’ journeys.  Everything from growing up with a brother with a disability,  teaching individuals with disabilities, empowering women, learning to lead, coaching, being a mom (especially a boy mom), to fighting through the thoughts of self-doubt. Each will be a piece of me intended to create a better piece within you.  

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