I am excited to share a Piece of Me with you!  “Blessings in Disguise: The Emotional Impact of Having a Sibling with a Disability” captures the heart of my real, raw, and emotional journey of growing up with my brother, who has a chromosome disability.  While I have always dreamed of authoring a book, the real purpose of this book is to start a conversation.  So many times I felt alone growing up with no one to relate to, keeping my emotions hidden inside.  I hope this book inspires other siblings to know it’s OK to cycle through a range of emotions — fear, hate, jealousy, embarrassment — when it comes to adjusting to life with a sibling who has a disability.


You’re not a parent or a sibling to someone with a disability?  Allow this book to provide you understanding into the lives of families navigating a disability and connection with others from a different perspective.  It might be your student, a client, a neighbor, a church family member, or a friend who you need to understand more. We all need to do our part to create a more inclusive community. 


Publishing this book is a lifelong dream. I am thrilled to achieve such a milestone, but I am more excited to see the difference I think this book can make. I have never been so open and vulnerable. Opening this book is opening my heart…

     With Love,

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