The Gratitude Journal is a collaborative self-reflection for moms raising children with disabilities. 

In the journal, you will hear from 30 moms from across the country who share gratitude for their own journeys raising a child with a disability.

Being a mom is hard. Being a mom to a child with a disability can be exceptionally hard and often isolating. There are few who truly understand your journey and finding joy in the hard can seem impossible.

 What if you started each day being grateful for your journey? Experts have proven that gratitude is a practical tool that, when practiced, can help us sleep better, lower stress, develop positive relationships, and generally lead healthier lives.

 The Gratitude Journal not only helps you live joyfully in the present moment, but it also connects you to 30 other women who are walking similar journeys. Connect with them as they share what they are grateful for and build your village of support.

It’s possible to love your life just the way it is and even be grateful for it. Let’s find the joy in each day together!