“Business as usual” these days is a phrase that is no longer relative during the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis.  We are living through a moment in history that has business owners, leaders, and entrepreneurs scrambling to find the direction and answers during a time of uncertainties.     

Three Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs:  Amanda Owen (Puzzle Pieces & Pieces of Me), Drew Hardesty (Wonder Boy Media), and Kyle Gorman (Gorman Recruiting & Employer Blueprint) team up in virtual zoom collaboration to help provide tips and thoughts related to focusing your vision while creating an action plan through the business shut down, or what I like to stay is “pause”.   

This blog will highlight the takeaways from this insightful collaboration.  If you would like to listen or watch the entire 40-minute zoom call, follow any of the links next to the leader mentioned above.  They are sharing the video for free.  Our goal is to inspire, connect, and most importantly learn how to get through this together.  

Takeaway Tips on How to  Focus on Your Vision:

  1.  Stay consistent on your social media platform.   Allow your followers to stay connected with you during this time, so you are top of mind.  Be creative in making your content be positive and informative.  
  1. Personal health is important.  Now more than before your personal health should remain a priority, both mentallly and physically.  Find ways to energize yourself while working from home, so you can stay motivated.  
  1. Your mindset impacts your future.  It is critical to make sure you are leading with positivity and optimism.  In order to do this, you must believe in it from within.  Shift your mindset to focusing on OPPORTUNITY during this time.  Evaluate how you can give back and focus on future outcomes, in order to stay action-orientated during the “shutdown”.     
  1.  Narrow your focus to what matters. Now is the time to examine the core values of your business in order to continue the great momentum you had before closure OR to “re-start” with your business with a new design.  Now is the time to re-set, re-design, and refocus the future of your business in order to grow your business for the future.  

In conclusion, I want to leave the readers with a powerful statement that Kyle shared with us on the zoom call that we want to share with everyone.  He said, “No one expects you to have all the answers, but everyone expects you to listen to all their questions.”  This crisis is a call to action for us leaders.  Now is the time for us to come together and help one another to not just survive through this crisis, but to thrive through it.  Let’s learn together.  

Each leader in the zoom call has social platforms where they are sharing insightful tips to help us all to get through this. When coming together it wasn’t about us building our brand or image, it was simply to encourage and inspire others to dig deep with us and get through.  #Weareallinthistogether

Interested in connecting to join one of us on a collaborative zoom call to share your insights or ideas for other business leaders?  We would love to hear from you and set this up! Let’s work together to help one another build our business back stronger.  

Click video below to hear all the tips and start focusing your vision today!

What to connect with us? Contact us today:  

Amanda Owen (piecesofmebyamanda@gmail.com)

     Amanda is the Executive Director/Founder of a non-profit organization, called Puzzle Pieces.  Puzzle Pieces has grown into a million-dollar operating budget that impacts more than 200 lives with disabilities.  Her drive and passion comes from growing up with her brother with a disability.  Over the last seven years of growing Puzzle Pieces, Amanda has learned how to become a leader through failing forward.  Amanda has become inspired to share her insights and life journey with her blog and upcoming podcast  called, Pieces of Me.   

Kyle Gorman (kyle@gormanrecruiting.com)

Kyle has become an expert in employee management and talent acquisition through his experience in both the corporate environment and entrepreneurship.  He has carefully studied the strengths, weaknesses, and techniques of leaders he has met from around the world which has led to his development of the fundamental principles he now shares with other industry leaders.  In 2013, Kyle founded The Employer Blueprint, a leadership development company dedicated to providing coaching and resources to fellow business leaders. Additionally, Kyle owns Gorman Recruiting, a talent acquisition company specializing in the unique needs of small businesses. Over the years, Kyle has helped hundreds of leaders experience more freedom in business and in life.

Drew Hardesty (drew@wboymedia.com)

Drew is new to owning a business but certainly not new to social media. Wonder Boy offers photography, videography, and social media marketing and we have found that about 90% of the content we create ends up on social media. We have made it our goal to learn the ins and outs of social media marketing.

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