Today we wear blue. Blue to celebrate and honor those with autism. This awareness day is no different from the others in that it is to educate and offer an understanding and love for autism, in the hopes acceptance will follow. 

However, today I wear blue for a different purpose. 

Today I wear blue for the siblings. Yes! There isn’t an awareness day to honor those families members who are the heroes behind the disabilities. So today, I choose to wear blue for all the brothers and sisters who have a sibling with autism. 

The siblings don’t know a world without autism, so getting recognized or thinking life isn’t fair seems odd.

I wear blue for those siblings-Who sacrifice everyday for their sibling with autism. 

I wear blue for those siblings – Who have become a master in routines and accepting it can’t change most of the time, and setting up their life to support that need.

I wear blue for those siblings– Who have observed (more than they can count) their parents providing the extra love and support to their sibling, while they wait. 

I wear blue for those siblings– Who have taken deep breaths and have wiped many tears, because they cannot change or eliminate the challenges their siblings face everyday. 

I wear blue for those siblings– Who bury their feelings of uncertainties for the future and what it holds for their sibling. The fear is a weight they too carry alongside their parents.

I wear blue for those siblings– Who have willingly taken the back seat to more things than anyone could ever imagine, because their sibling’s needs were more important. 

I wear blue for those siblings – Who became the “clutch” player of the family team, to offer support to their parents when they needed a breather. 

Today I wear blue to those siblings who sometimes are forgotten, and they are okay with it. This gesture of support isn’t for pity, because I know that isn’t what any sibling wants. I wear blue as a token of respect and understanding. I wear blue to show them I see their love and support for their siblings. I wear blue because they too deserve to be honored for their journey they take with autism. 

As we celebrate this day of bringing education and awareness about autism, know that behind every person with autism is a sibling who loves them through it. A sibling who isn’t praying for their autism to change, but praying that world changes to accept their autism as part of them. 

Today I wear blue, because I am a sibling!

My brother and me! Nick doesn’t have Autism, but I still can relate to all siblings behind any disability!

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