From experience as a teacher and a caretaker to an adult with Autism, these are my “go to” tips for you to survive the first week of school. You will survive, I promise! You got this!!!!!

  1.  Set your routine . Know it before you go to bed. Be in control of that routine in morning.

2. Send an All About Me Page with your child to the teacher answering these questions :                          

A. Child’s favorite interests/things right now 

B. Provide a list of People they are closest to in their everyday life 

C. When they become upset what is your go to, in order to help them calm

D. I feel like the hardest part of the day for them will be….And why…

E. What is one thing you want your teacher to know about your child that will help them this year 

F. If you could name ONE thing you hope to accomplish this school year what would it be

4. Let go the fear you have of how your child will act out at school. The Teachers role is to support them. Don’t feel guilty that someone else has to learn the ways to support them and teach them. Your child deserves it and you need it, let go of the guilt. 

5. Set your child up for success with extra visuals and pull out your patience card to allow extra processing and wait time this week. Transition is difficult so allow them adjust at their speed, and be prepared to take some extra breaths. Just remember you never “outgrow” strategies to support them. So, don’t convince yourself you’re going backwards if you pull out extra supports during this transition week back to school. It just means you are preparing them for success during a very stressful time! 

6. Celebrate, celebrate and refuel momma and daddy! You need it and deserve it! Don’t spend this time worrying about how they are, spend it fueling yourself. To be great parents you need a recharge, try to recharge when they are at school! (Call in sick to work and open a bottle of wine if you have too)!!!! 

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