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Scroll through my store to learn the meaning of each “piece” that is for sale. It has meaning and purpose. Share the journey with me! And don’t forget to click on the SHOP NOW links to purchase online and have it directly shipped to you!

This “Do The Thing” shirt has been my 2020 statement that someone said at a New Year; New You Women’s Workshop I went too. This statement has already changed me for 2020.

It means don’t allow your mindset of what you are not, be the thing that identifies you. For me I wanted to be a morning person, but I always said I couldn’t make up in the morning. I wanted to “win the morning, so I could win the day”, but always said there is no way I could get up that early. Why? Because I never “did the thing” that made me one. Simple! Just get up. Do the thing! I am now a morning person.

I said I wasn’t a writer, but I have so much to say. So one day, I just started writing. I did the thing. This shirt’s meaning is your accountability to whatever you need it to me. Do The Thing! Make 2020 about what you want to be and in order to be what you want, there are many things you must do. So….Do The Thing!

My hope for this shirt is for people to wear it and post #dothething or my other favorite #dothedamnthing ! Let’s motivate each other to do the thing that sets our soul on fire! Who is with me?


“Pieces of Me” Mug was designed for those readers who are coffee drinkers! I love my coffee. Probably more creamer than coffee, which is a habit I am working on. I envision when someone is reading my content they are drinking coffee. Whether its the reader who is reading my monthly column in my hometown newspaper , the early rise mom who is reading her favorite blogs before the kids wake up and ruin the silence, and of course the late night reader who can’t turn their brain off so they read. I picture each of you sipping on your coffee reading. And in the near future, I hope I can add another audience to the mix…..Listeners! Stay tuned. I would love for people to take pictures with the Pieces of Me mug while reading your favorite blogs. Sharing is loving. Use #piecesofme, #mypieceofinspiration!

“What’s Your Piece”? – SHOP NOW

Why this shirt? What does it mean? It’s not what you think….

“My Piece Shirt” was designed for women in mind. Some might think it is an ‘autism’ awareness shirt, it can be but that wasn’t the intention. The shirt meaning changes depending on the woman wearing it.

We all have a “piece” of us that brings us power or brings us weakness. At times us women might feel a “piece” of us is less than, a “piece” of us that seems not 100%, a “piece” of us we protect from others, a “piece that has been hurt, and a “piece” that seems broken. This shirt is recognizing that you are aware of that piece of you and your working on it. None of us have it figured out. Each piece is a part of us that sometimes builds us up, and to be honest other times tears us apart. Either way, it’s a “piece” of us. That one piece doesn’t define us. It’s a piece we are working on.

On the flip side us women also feel there is a “piece” of us that is strong, a “piece” that is powerful, a “piece” that empowers us, and a “piece” that makes us be that WOMAN. We tend to let this be the piece we focus on, however we should.

My blog is called Pieces of Me. There are so many pieces of me that make me the woman I am. A mom, a leader, a caretaker, a teacher, a writer, a special sibling, a daughter, and a wife. All these pieces define me. Each piece is just as important as the next. And everyday I prioritize what is important to focus on that day. We all have a PIECE. That piece of us we are working on to become better. What’s Your Piece! I would love to see women wearing this shirt posting pictures #piecesofme , #mypiece, #themostimportantpiece !